The Shift to Collaborative Customer Service: Harnessing Synergy to Create a Seamless Customer Experience

The Shift to Collaborative Customer Service: Harnessing Synergy to Create a Seamless Customer Experience

Technology and customers evolve, and so must a company’s Customer Service process. Whereas once the focus was on automation, the technological advancements we’ve made and the nature of how customers are able to interact with businesses has changed the game to focus instead on customer engagement. Shifting to Collaborative CRM can help businesses stay on top of their customer service inquiries, raise their customer engagement and even retain customer loyalty.

What is Collaborative Customer Service?

Collaborative support is an extension of already implemented CRM, hinged on a new approach to customer service that uses software to bridge various teams and even departments with the goal of delivering a seamless customer experience. Using collaborative support software, customer support representatives are empowered to work together to solve tickets in a faster, more efficient way.

Technology is at the heart of collaboration. Collaborative features like internal chats, ability to create groups, ticket queues, and shared calendars are key to creating a strong support team. Therefore having the right customer support software that allows integration both between teams and various business groups will lead to a stronger and more unified customer support team that is always aware of new developments, inquiries, and issues and can work together to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Collaboration

Apart from efficiency, collaboration can result in a higher quality of response given to a customer. At any given time, Customer Service Representatives have to field a variety of customer inquiries, and, depending on the nature of the company’s business, it can range from general inquiries to highly-specialised or technical ones. With collaboration, representatives are empowered to develop their expertise in specific subject matter then share this expertise with the rest of the team. With this, a customer service team can pool their knowledge and create a database that the rest of the team can pull from. When a more complex ticket comes in, Rep A can reach out to the rest of her team for assistance resulting in first, more knowledge for Rep A and second, a faster response to the customer.

Collaboration is also not limited to the Customer Service team; it can be implemented on an inter-department level to bring even more value to customers. For example, sales, support and marketing can work together to gather information and feedback from customers and use that information to create better offerings, design more informative campaigns or simply find out what’s working and what’s not.

Integrating your business systems make it possible for all departments to share information, and it reduces the amount of duplicate data entry across the company. With the right software, your system should be able to update data across platforms so that when customer information is updated on the CRM database, it’ll automatically be updated in your customer service solution. This eliminates the need for a customer to provide the same information over and over (one of the top frustrations of clients).

Another great benefit of collaboration is giving customers more freedom and flexibility when it comes to interacting with an organization. Whether they choose to do it via call, chat or email, since everything is integrated and shared across teams, the customer will find his experience a seamless one.

Collaboration is meant to improve the quality of a customer’s experience holistically and thus help increase their satisfaction and loyalty to your business. With a goal to provide you a competitive edge in the industry, engaging into a customer service that provides you not only the latest technology offering, but also the most strategic actions to ensure customer satisfaction is always the best step to go to. Let Infinit-O Global help you with your support needs. Find out more about Infinit Contact.

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