Outsourcing Social Customer Service: Good or Bad for Business?

Outsourcing Social Customer Service: Good or Bad for Business?

Two years ago, several customer service outsourcing experts predicted that social media will play a significant role in defining customer service by 2015.

True enough, the most recent survey conducted by Contract Babel on customer service reflected a 60% spike in the number of web chats between 2013 and 2015 and a whopping 300% rise since 2011.

Based on these numbers, it is easy to conclude that social media is clearly not just a fad, rather a phenomenon in the business industry, and ignoring its significance to your customer service will not be a wise move for any entrepreneur.

According to the West Interactive survey, 17% of respondents expect companies to respond to their inquiries over social media. The massively growing demand for customer service through social media has prompted many businesses to rely on outsourcing agencies for their social media management.

The big question now is this: Is outsourcing the best solution to social media customer service?

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Social Customer Service

Managing a handful of social media accounts can get very hectic. Aside from keeping the accounts updated, you need to interact with your followers and find ways to engage them in conversations.

Responding to inquiries and concerns posted on your threads add an entirely different dynamic to the task. For one thing, customers inquiring over social media are more demanding, as they expect quick responses to their queries.

Your interactions on social media are visible to anyone who follows your page and to those whom your posts have been shared.

There is an enormous risk that a simple grammatical mistake or error in the manner a concern is addressed can escalate into a full-blown legal case. Evidence can by obtained by just taking a screenshot of your response and saving it in his laptop.

This can cause damage, not just to your brand’s reputation but mar your personal reputation as well. Every word you decide to include in your posts must be carefully weighed and assessed.

Just doing all that can take a lot of time that you would much rather spend on the other aspects in your business that require your attention.

Outsourcing this task will take the load off your hands and can give you back the time you need to attend to your other responsibilities.

Every brand has its own specific voice and personality. Having someone who has no experience working with you or have no idea about your company may run you the risk of losing your authenticity.

However, most social media specialists coursed through outsourcing companies are equipped with marketing skills and valuable expertise that you can tap to help boost your social media marketing. They usually know how to handle difficult customers online and can respond in a way fitting to your brand’s image and personality.

Choose Your Brand Ambassador Well

As with any service you will procure, do your research and conduct a professional background check on the outsourcing company that you will partner with. Make sure that they have done this before and understand that the people who will handle your social customer marketing are representing your brand in the process.

Your outsourcing partner must have the capability to train their people to ensure that they know and understand the values your brand stands for, and project that when they interact with your subscribers and respond to their queries.

Otherwise, your company may risk losing your customers due to poor social customer service experience.

Written by Alfred Meneses

Alfred Meneses

With 16 years of experience in Customer Relations in the fields of BPO, Call Center operations, Fulfillment Operations, Sales and Management, Bixie has acquired comfort and superior skill-set in operations management, back-office support group delivery management and start-up projects. He achieved numerous successes in spearheading tasks and projects that involved budget and financial management. He is very comfortable in managing change and process improvements within and across organisations. Bixie is an expert in mentoring and leading teams in achieving goals and objectives. He had experiences setting up BPO centers in the Philippines and abroad during his years of expatriate experience as Customer Service and Fulfilment Operations Head for a Top Philippine TV network for their Middle East operations.

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