How to Be a Company That Provides the Best Customer Service

How to Be a Company That Provides the Best Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. You may have a good product but if your customer service is horrible, the impression that you make will have lasting effects on your customers.

Consumers will remember how they felt they had been treated by your representatives. If they had a good experience calling in their concerns or coming to your store regarding the product they purchased, they will be loyal to your brand and they will spread the word.

Whether you care about your customers matter to consumers, and they look for that in your customer service. For instance, finding a good tech support for business owners is crucial to their day-to-day operations. If something goes wrong with their systems, they expect you to come through for them.

They expect to see that you care enough about what the product’s breakdown is costing them to help them.

You can’t fake this. You need to genuinely care about your customers and what your product means to them. People will see through you if you don’t.

People also tend to associate good customer service to good products. They don’t have time to take apart your product piece by piece to try to analyze the quality, but they listen to feedback. If they receive a lot of negative feedback about your brand from unhappy customers, it will be easy for them to dismiss your product as below par.

Consumer Reports names best and worst customer services

Through the years, Consumer Reports have surveyed the quality of customer service of 22 industries and have come up with a list of companies that have the worst and the best customer service offerings.

The top 3 industries that came up as having the worst customer services include Computer Tech Support, with HP and Toshiba receiving the lowest scores, and Apple being on top of the list of the best ones.

Appliance repairers are also among the bottom of the quality list, with Maytag repairmen placing at number 64, just a few notches above Sears. Sears issued a statement to CNBC that they value the trust placed on them by their customers and are committed to delivering as they promise despite overwhelming number of customer calls they have to attend to each year.

Brokerage firms, Auto Insurances and Credit Unions landed the top spots for the best in providing customer service, with Pharmacies and Fast Food Restaurants placing fourth and fifth.

Among the pharmacies, Wegmans received exceptional ratings from consumers and Southern California credit union for teachers, SchoolFirst FCU is considered the best in customer service

Tips on improving customer service

According to Consumer Report, customers are frustrated over phone customer service support for three reasons: Inability to get a live customer service representative on the line, rude and condescending CS reps, and when they finally get a hold of anyone on the phone, they get disconnected.

These problems also occur in in-store customer service. The dynamics are slightly different, but the complaints are similar. For example, some customers find it difficult to get any of the staff’s attention regarding their queries.

The situation is reparable. Aside from providing your staff the appropriate training in customer service, here are some tips to help you improve your customer service:

1. Be available. Don’t let your customers go through a very long process just to get through to a live representative.

For example, HP requires customers to fill out long forms and have their serial number in hand when they process a complaint.

Your customer has already gone through enough trouble with your products, don’t let them go through another one with your customer service!

If you can’t be available for your customers 24/7, the best thing to do is to find a good customer service outsourcing company to handle it for you.

2. Greet your customers with a smile. Be pleasant and courteous. Give them the impression that you are ready and willing to help them when they need it.

On the phone, use a pleasant, kind and courteous tone. Doing so will help make your customers more agreeable and pleasant to talk to.

3. Give your customer full attention. Don’t appear distracted. Drop whatever it is you’re doing when a customer appears to need your attention.

On the phone, listen. Remember that your customer is agitated for a reason. Be objective in responding to the concern.

4. Go the extra mile. Offer something a little more to compensate for the frustration that your customer has gone through. And don’t forget to follow up after a few days to see how your product has fared after a repair or service.

Your customer service impacts your brand reputation

Findings of the survey indicate that customer service offerings in some companies are better than the others. Any business should recognize the significant impact that your customer service has on your brand reputation.

Training staff will take time, while there are solutions to your customer service needs available through outsourcing companies. We have the best team to help you take your calls for you and help you provide the best customer service to your clients. Call us and we’ll help you provide them the most amazing experience in customer service!

Written by Alfred Meneses

Alfred Meneses

With 16 years of experience in Customer Relations in the fields of BPO, Call Center operations, Fulfillment Operations, Sales and Management, Bixie has acquired comfort and superior skill-set in operations management, back-office support group delivery management and start-up projects. He achieved numerous successes in spearheading tasks and projects that involved budget and financial management. He is very comfortable in managing change and process improvements within and across organisations. Bixie is an expert in mentoring and leading teams in achieving goals and objectives. He had experiences setting up BPO centers in the Philippines and abroad during his years of expatriate experience as Customer Service and Fulfilment Operations Head for a Top Philippine TV network for their Middle East operations.

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