The Future of the Call Center Outsourcing Industry (Infographic)

Today, excellent customer service is an essential element to a company’s success. Consumers are more intelligent than ever. They know what they want. They know how to get attention. They know enough to demand great customer experience. And they expect immediate action to their inquiries and complaints. Because of this, companies have to invest in resources and staff—in-house or outsource—to efficiently respond to their customers’ growing needs. Evidentially, the contact center industry has grown exponentially in the past decade, and is still growing. To date, organizations spend over $300 billion every year on contact center services. We’ve put together an Infograph to show the future of contact center outsourcing for the global enterprise:

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The Future of the Call Center Outsourcing Industry

$300 Billion Annual Spending on Contact Center Services

Organizations spend more than $300 billion annually on contact center services. 78% of this went to in-house operations and 22% to outsourcing. Although the smaller percentage of this amount went to outsourcing, the expenditures of outsourcing has grown between 8% and 12% annually compared to in-house spending which have been relatively flat. Due to budget cuts, customer service improvements and increase in contact volumes, more and more companies resort to outsourcing their customer support. Some studies have shown significant risks in outsourcing customer service claiming that most of these companies put up contact centers not as strategic endeavor. They focus mainly on cost metrics and level of service but formulate poor cost and benefit reports. Just the same, it has not deterred companies to invest in offshore outsourcing.

Global Contact Center Outsourcing

The growth of the inbound call center outsourcing industry in the Philippines catering to American English-speaking customers shows that more corporations prefer to establish offshore customer service here because of the Filipinos’ neutral accent and familiarity to the Western culture. Meanwhile India is mostly chosen for technical support work. Mexico and Central America are near-shore options for some enterprises because of expansion and capacity. Low labor cost and efficient service delivery are major factors why these countries are usually the preferred option among companies who seek outsourcing. As a result, many outsourcing companies have emerged and it has become a whole new industry all together.

High Customer Satisfaction

The increasing customer demands and the global competition push outsource contact centers to up their game and provide high customer satisfaction. Strategies continually evolve to provide premium customer service to its clients. More than 30% of customer service relations are done via email, web self-service, chat and other online techniques. Companies are also taking advantage of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, to reach their customers faster. The use of social media in customer service actually boosts customer satisfaction by 15-20%. As per research on customer feedback, the overall satisfaction scores continue a five year upward trend. Outsourced call centers are still proven to be efficient, in terms of providing quality customer service at reduced cost. That said, the future of contact center outsourcing looks very bright indeed.

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    The contact center has become even more important now that customers have more avenues to get in touch. In addition to being trained on the phones, agents should also be active online through chat, forums, and social media. Contact centers today need to be multi-channel.


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