Customer Service: The Face of New Marketing

Customer Service: The Face of New Marketing

Customer service has always been one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a brand or company. However, this concept had been lost for a time to many entrepreneurs and was only brought back to light at the height of digital marketing and the value that social media brings.

Just how many times have you stopped patronizing a restaurant you love to eat at because of bad customer service? Or have decided against buying from a reputable online shop because of a bad experience with their customer service when you followed up on your purchases?

That’s because a good customer service is essential to a customer’s overall experience with your brand. Customers care that you care about them.

Have you ever come across the post on on Amazon’s customer service wherein the customer care representative, Thor, played along with the customer who asked to be initially identified as Odin, until they had to cut short the hilarious exchange so the customer can provide his actual details?

Whether or not the conversation really transpired is beside the point. The post scored big points for Amazon. It was picked up by popular online website, Huffington Post, and was shared thousands of times on social media, creating a good impression for Amazon as a whole.

Customer service makes for a long term profit

One of the biggest mistakes that companies do is optimizing sales on a per customer basis, for instance letting a customer go through a long and tedious process to reimburse for a single purchase.

A research conducted by Bain & Company reflected that companies spend more in winning a new customer than in maintaining the ones they already have.

It makes more sense to nurture your relationship with the customers who already love your brand than to go out and introduce your brand to someone who needs more convincing.

Losing money over a replacement of a product as requested by one customer can bring in bigger ROI in the long run.

Another mistake is that some companies tend to only try to woo a customer from leaving after the person had already expressed a desire to leave.

Don’t wait for clients to leave before you offer them something to keep them from doing so, instead, if you have discounts and special benefits to offer your loyal customers, give it to them while they are still happy with your service. You’ll find these customers more than willing to put out a good word for you and your company without you having to ask them to do so.

Word of mouth still happens to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. People tend to trust what their friends say about a brand more than the posters and other advertising collaterals that companies spend on to promote their products.

Customer service is the face of today’s marketing

Along with the advancement of the web and the development of technology are smarter customers who have access to all kinds of information, including feedback on your customer service. One misunderstanding can mar your reputation for a long time.

Consider customer service with high regard and set the bar on your standards in customer service. Be willing to go the extra mile and do not hesitate to make them feel valued.

Make yourself available to hear your customers out and help them sort out their concerns regarding their purchases from you.

At the end of the day, satisfying your customers is the best marketing you can ever invest in.

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    Great reminder that customer service is more than just customer service. It’s our brand promise. It’s our best advertisement (when people talk about us). It’s our best marketing!

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