Contact Center Expansions Are A Good Source for Employment

There may be a negative notion that outsourcing takes away jobs from current employees in a particular company or agency, but it is not entirely in a negative light as outsourcing is also a good source for employment. When outsourcing companies open a new facility, it can be expected that vacant positions will not go below 50, especially for those companies who provide call center solutions.

It is also likely that companies now are taking measures to lessen downsizing when it comes to their labor force as there is no company who would want to let go of employees whom they have invested in, in terms of knowledge and training among others. A good example for a company who helps companies, particularly contact centers, in keeping their contact center agents is Manpower (NYSE:MAN), a provider of recruitment process solutions. Manpower developed a set of contact center solutions that will allow their customer to retain their employees as well as provide better customer service. The contact center has retained its clients as well as provide better service to their current clients; quite a win-win situation for both the employees and the company. The recruitment process outsourcing company is banking on the belief that excellent customer service is the key factor to boosting a company’s revenue amount.

As per the belief that an excellent customer service will bring growth to your company revenue, companies now see the benefits of establishing a partnership with a call center firm, which results to an increase in demand. To meet the market demand for such service, contact centers now are expanding their company, not only in terms of services but in size as well. NCO Group, a provider of business process outsourcing services headquartered in the United States, announced that the company is looking to fill in 400 positions to provide service for their contact center in the United States.

Another solutions provider based in the United States, Sitel, is looking to grow its company size by more than a hundred. The positions that will be filled are for a new client looking for inbound customer care support and services.

In the Philippines, the country that is now being recognized as the top destination for call centers surpassing its Indian competitors, call center hubs continue to burgeon and expand. Techno hubs, mostly being comprised of contact center solutions providers, are being developed. The Philippine government is also very supportive of this industry; in fact, a 12,000-square meter government lot in Negros Occidental, a province in the Philippines, is now being developed into a cyber-park that is being offered as a location for call center facilities.

It now seems that a direct correlation between demand for customer support and the expansion of companies is in place, as the more companies are seeking better customer support, the more vacancies in call centers are needed to be filled. The contact center industry has become a recognized helping hand for companies seeking to further enhance their customer service, especially for those companies who believe that a reliable and excellent customer service will generate them a higher amount of revenue and will enable them to keep their customers.

Author: Jamee C.

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