5 Ways to Convert Your First-Time Customers to Repeat Buyers

5 Ways to Convert Your First-Time Customers to Repeat Buyers

Many would say that it’s easier to sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones. However, a business cannot thrive on existing customers alone. It has to continuously expand its customer base and effectively convert its first-time customers to repeat customers.

First impressions do last. Whatever your business is, the initial point of contact with a new customer or a potential customer is crucial. Customer Service expert Shep Hyken calls this “the moment of truth.” It sets the tone for whatever interaction there is to follow, and can make or break your relationship with your customers.

So how do you leave a lasting impact on your first-time customers and make them repeat customers? Here are 5 proven ways to help you do it.

1. Create an awesome customer service experience.

You can never go wrong with good customer service experience. There is a myriad of ways to do this, depending on what industry you’re in or the nature of your business. For contact centers, take a quick look at the profile of the person you’re talking to and look for opportunities to make the call unique to this person. For face-to-face encounters, enthusiasm and a happy disposition can come a long way.

More importantly, you have to know the product or the service you’re offering. When you know what you’re talking about, it would be easier for customers to trust you.

2. Keep refining your product or service.

The awesome thing about customer service is it also serves as your research and development arm. By interacting with your customers, you learn exactly what people are looking for, what makes them tick, or what concerns them. The customer support trunk line is actually a huge resource of data, and should not be taken for granted.

Diligently take note of the concerns of the customers and improve your product or service based on the customers’ pain points. And, if you’re feeling up for it, give your customers a call back if any of their product concerns have been resolved. This will make them feel that you care.

3. Be generous in your offerings.

Generosity can go a long way. Freebies, promos, and discounts are always welcome, and can often drive home the sale. There are many opportunities to express generosity. We all know that Zappos and Amazon are known for ridiculous acts of generosity—some of them got viral, but most of them are quiet acts of kindness that made loyal customers out of random people. They do this through their utmost dedication to customer service, reaching great heights just to make their customers happy. Generosity can spell a huge difference, whatever your business is.

4. Keep your customers on the loop.

Know how to keep in touch with your customers. It’s important that you know at least their email addresses or phone numbers, so that you can constantly communicate with them. Keep your email list healthy by sending them information relevant to them. Don’t just send them sales pitches or product demos. Get personal. Make them feel that you know them and that you care about them.

5. Under promise, over deliver.

Managing expectations is often an overlooked part of the conversion process. As sales people, we are often tempted to promise a world of great things that come with our product or service, just so we can make that sale. This heightens the expectations, and causes disappointments when they don’t get what they expect.

Such is what happened to Kreyos, the Indiegogo crowd-funded smart watch that promised the world something totally phenomenal, except it ended in what Gizmodo calls “a horror story.”

Meeting expectations is important, and when you consistently meet (and exceed!) your customers’ expectations, then you can be assured that your customers will keep coming back for more.

Having a reliable contact center is a vital aspect of a business regardless of the industry they belong to. It must have several communication channels where customers can freely address their concerns and queries regarding the company’s products and services. With our results-driven solutions, you can expect your contact center to deliver the best responses your clients are looking for. Learn more!

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  1. Alexis de Leffe says

    interesting article, than you!

    I would like to add also, that, to my mind, reaching something personal with the customer is an important way of getting them back. The customer shall like the brand, the place, the personal, the atmosphere… It can be just one of them, but for it, he will come back.
    Also, to my mind, Customer loyalty is built through consistency: deliver the same quality of service and product everywhere. This applies mainly for big networks and brands, and it was well understood by Mc Donalds, Coca-cola or Starbuck

  2. debie says

    do all five in one simple step: treat them the way you would expect to be treated then give more! Because, service, solutions, and kindness!!! it matters and it shows!


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