5 Social Customer Service Resolutions for 2016

5 Social Customer Service Resolutions for 2016

When it comes to resolutions, there’s no better time to start than the beginning of another year.

One business area you should pay attention to is your social customer service team, as having a solid strategy will help you stay ahead of the curve because the ability to deliver an unforgettable customer experience is one way to continue having a leg up on the competition. If you haven’t been giving the kind of service that will wow your customers on a consistent basis, now is the time to change that.

Whether you already have a plan in place or just starting to draw up a list of resolutions, here are a few social customer service areas to focus on.

1. Deliver a consistent multichannel customer experience.

The widespread use of mobile gadgets and smartphones shows no signs of abating, and it’s time to fully embrace its impact on customer service expectations. Customers have a myriad of ways to reach your service reps and your business such as through social media networks, voice support, and online platforms, and they want to have the same personalized service across all channels.

Social media presence is crucial, but not enough. Customers demand that your front liners are equipped with background data, call history, and the details of any previous contact with other service representatives. This means that you need to invest in the latest tools to ensure that all your call reps or social media teams can access the same data about a particular client, and interact with customers based on their call history.

Customers do not want to have to repeat the same pieces of information every time they interact with you about your business. Superior service means consistently delivering the same seamless customer experience across all contact points.

2. Invest in training the right people to represent your brand.

Superior customer service starts with hiring the best. Don’t settle for just any person to be your customer service agent. Remember that these front liners could very well be the first people your customers get to interact with, so it’s important to get it right.

Whether you like it or not, customers will associate your brand with the level of service they get from your service reps, and this will reflect on your brand image. Once you find a winning team, take the time to provide them the best training available, and do this on a regular basis.

Make sure that your front liners are always in the know about latest product information or updates. They should be fully equipped to answer any questions that will come their way, and must feel empowered to have the capability for making intelligent decisions during difficult situations. They should be proactive and find sound solutions to any problems they encounter.

3. Improve metrics and internal processes to achieve better customer service.

Leverage on big data analytics and customer interactions to help you create relevant, actionable metrics that drive results. Take advantage of specialized tools to equip contact agents on the best ways to handle specific voice calls or unique cases.

Don’t be content with your current metrics, and always find ways to improve them. Use it to set meaningful benchmarks to monitor your front liners’ performances. Use whatever tools you have at your disposal to help improve response time, find better solutions, and higher customer satisfaction rates.

4. Implement customer service strategies based on insights gained from various channels.

With so many specialized tools and software to leverage on big data analytics, it’s impossible not to find the right one to fit your business needs. Take advantage of the insights gained from various channels to guide you in your next steps toward improvement.

Whether its customer feedback from a survey form, a Facebook comment, or from other social media platforms, use the wealth of data that is literally available at your fingertips to make better decisions and well-informed strategies.

5. Deliver proactive customer support.

Anticipating customer needs have always been the foundation of excellent service, and this includes giving what customers want, which is at pace with today’s technological advancements.

One of the by-products of today’s Omni-channel customer service era is that majority of clients prefer to solve problems on their own. They’d rather find the answer on your website than pick up the phone to talk to a service rep.

This means that delivering proactive support can be as simple as updating your e-commerce site’s FAQs. Make sure that there’s relevant and updated information there, especially during peak shopping seasons where delivery times or service expectations might change.

Aside from this, find other ways to anticipate needs based on the insights gained from your online channels and big data analytics reports. This can be an important differentiator that could help you gain a loyal following for years to come.

If you want to be known as a force to be reckoned with, focus on delivering superior social customer service. Do it consistently, and make it the new normal in your company. It is one of the main pillars towards achieving long-term success, and one that will truly set you apart and differentiate your brand from the competition.

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